Yoga Teacher Training


The next yoga teacher training session starts on February 24, 2024!

FREE info sessions will be held on Feb. 5, 2024 at 7:30pm at the studio and on Zoom

If you are interested or have questions, please email We are now accepting applications!

General Information

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and In-depth Yoga studies Program (ONLINE version available).

Mind Body Zone is proud to offer a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training / In-Depth Yoga Studies Program with the option and ability to take this training entirely online. Whether your intention is to deepen your personal practice or obtain the skills and knowledge to become an effective instructor, this program is diverse and non-denominational, covering all aspects of Hatha Yoga. Upon successful completion of the program, one is eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). It includes:

Techniques-100+ hours

• In-depth study of asana/yoga postures
• Styles of yoga
• Meditation
• Pranayama
• Chanting
• Prenatal Yoga

Teaching Methods-35 hours
• Asana modification and use of props
• Demonstration and cueing principles
• Designing and sequencing a class
• Hands-on and verbal adjustments
• Business aspects of teaching yoga
• Students’ process of learning
• Yoga Therapy
• Public Speaking-communicating with your voice and body
• Teaching Beginners and Mixed level classes
• Partner Yoga

Anatomy & Physiology- 20 hours
• Musculoskeletal
• Respiration and Breath
• Joint Mobility
• Preventing Yoga injuries
• Working with student injuries
• Chakras
• Chi and Meridians

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics-30 hours
• 8 Limbs of Yoga
• Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Yoga History
• Cultural Appropriation in Yoga
• Sanskrit
• Ayurveda 
• Ethics

Practicum-15 hours
• Practice Teaching
• Assist senior teachers in his/her class
• Receive feedback from senior teachers



One weekend a month 
Saturdays 11:00am-6:00pm
Sundays 11:30am-5:45pm

(*Dates/Times subject to change)

  • February 24-25, 2024
  • March 16-17, 2024
  • April 20-21, 2024
  • May 18-19, 2024
  • June 22-23, 2024
  • July 20-21, 2024
  • August 24-25, 2024
  • September 21-22, 2024
  • October 19-20, 2024
  • November 16-17, 2024

In addition, 48 hours of Hatha Yoga practice are required. These dates and times will be determined by the trainees.


  • A non-refundable application fee of $200 is due upon acceptance to the program.
  • Early Bird tuition: $2,100 paid in full by Dec. 24, 2023 (total $2,300)
  • Regular tuition: $2,300 paid in full by Feb. 24, 2024 (total $2,500)
  • Payment schedule: $2,500 (total $2,700).  Three $833 payments due 2/24/24, 5/18/24 and 8/24/24
  • Tuition Refunds-10% service ch­­arge, no refunds after February 24, 2024

Tuition includes all listed training sessions, handouts, and 48 free yoga classes at Mind Body Zone during teacher training. It does not cover the cost of a small number of required books or teaching practicum fees (if any).

Prerequisites for Application and Certification:

• Minimum of 2 years personal practice of Hatha Yoga or approval from Director of Teacher Training
• Commitment to continuing practice and spiritual growth
• Completed Teacher Training Application
• On-time payment of tuition and application fee
• Attendance of all Teacher Training Meetings
• Successful and on-time completion of assignments, quizzes, and exams



Lynn Cheng, L.Ac, Dipl. OM, E-RYT, Director of Yoga Teacher Training
Topics Taught: Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Practicum

Lynn proudly holds an impressive legacy of over 28 years as a dedicated yoga instructor, having taught more than 15,000 dynamic group classes. Recognized as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT), Lynn assumes the pivotal role of Director of Teacher Training. As the primary faculty member, she imparts her extensive knowledge, teaching approximately half of the 200-hour program.

When conceptualizing the curriculum for this teacher training, Lynn delved into introspection, pondering, “What insights do I wish I had possessed when embarking on my teaching journey? What holds paramount significance?” The culmination of her reflections birthed a program devoted to instilling the principles of safe and confident yoga instruction and practice.

Drawing inspiration from her rich background, Lynn’s yogic journey includes the study of various styles under the guidance of senior teachers, with a pronounced influence from the Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Kripalu traditions. Her classes are a harmonious blend of eclecticism, seamlessly weaving elements from her diverse mentors, intuitive insights, and personal studies.

In addition to her expertise in yoga, Lynn is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist at both the state and national levels. For a more in-depth exploration of Lynn’s holistic approach, visit

Kavita Patel, E-RYT
Topics Taught: Philosophy, Sanskrit, Yogic Lifestyle, Ethics 
Kavita teaches yoga classes for all ages: adults, teens, and kids. Her
classes play with both finding structure and freedom in movement. Compassion, laughter, and a lightness of heart guide her instruction. Her practice is also rooted in the fundamental principles of yoga. Asana, or poses, is one branch of the yogic system. The word yoga is used first by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras to expand on Krishna’s teachings of yoga. She firmly believes we must honor the roots of these sacred teachings. You can find out more about her at her website,

Linea McPherson 
Topics Taught: Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy
Linea has always had a passion for health and fitness; she began her journey into Yoga and Pilates after a skiing accident left her with very little use of her leg. Surgery and physical therapy left her feeling hopeless about her recovery; until she began taking Yoga and Pilates classes. After many months and countless classes, she regained full use of her leg and also found that her arthritic pain was no longer an issue. She began taking workshops and even more classes realizing that this was the path for her. She completed a certification through Yoga Fit and two different 200-hour yoga teacher training programs. She knows the importance of proper alignment and the difference it can make in one’s overall health. She creates classes that are motivating using breath and mindful movement. She encourages her students to challenge themselves and move through self-imposed limitations; creating a life of balance and without pain. 

Setareh Moafi, L.Ac
Topics Taught: Chakras, Qi, Meridians, Yin/Yang Yoga
Setareh completed yoga teacher training certifications with It’s Yoga San Francisco and Erich Schiffmann and founded Yoga of Los Altos.  She received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007. Setareh interweaves the practices of Yoga and Chinese Medicine in a unique method. Her Yoga classes blend Yin, a series of long-held poses designed to increase flexibility and open the meridians, and Yang, a flow-based series that increases strength and endurance.  Setareh focuses on restoring classical approaches to Chinese Medicine, and specializes in Sports Medicine, Women’s Health and Facial Rejuvenation at clinics in San Francisco and Santa Clara, CA.  Visit for more information. 

Ram Rao CAS, RYT, Ph.D
Topics Taught: Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation
Dr. Ram holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and presently serves as a Principal Research Scientist at Apollo Health which uses a systems-based, integrative approach to prevent, treat or reverse Alzheimer’s disease.  Ram has 25+ years of research and teaching experience in Neuroscience and has published more than seventy peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals including chapters in several textbooks. Ram is a Board-certified Ayurveda Practitioner (AP) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Yoga Alliance and teaches Ayurveda and Yoga at the California College of Ayurveda.  He is the author of a recently published best-selling book-“Good Living Practices”-The best from Ayurveda, Yoga, and Modern Science for Achieving Optimal Health, Happiness, and Longevity. For more information about Ram, visit


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this training program online?
The weekend sessions are held in-person* and online via Zoom simultaneously. Therefore, it is possible to participate in the training entirely online, should one choose to do so.  (*with the possibility of a few lectures held online)

What is unique about Mind Body Zone’s program?
This program is very thorough, comprehensive, and covers many different aspects and approaches to Hatha Yoga. It is a general yoga training program and we cover many different styles of yoga practiced today in the US (such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, etc). Trainees will be exposed to these various styles and will come away with the program with a more diverse understanding of Hatha Yoga (rather than focus on one particular style and way of teaching). It is designed to help you become an effective and well-balanced teacher and to deepen your personal practice.

Our multiple sessions are spaced over 10 months; we offer a close teacher-student relationship with highly experienced teacher trainers, a supervised and ongoing study into all aspects of yoga including ethical, personal, physical, psychological, and spiritual realms. This is one of the most affordable yoga teacher trainings in the Bay Area.

Our program is designed for people with busy schedules; we meet once a month and you determine when and where you would like to fulfill the requirements for practice and practicum. There is no deadline for when these requirements must be completed; we ask and hope, however, that it be completed within a year of graduation. We offer unlimited free yoga classes during the training period.

Most of the material covered in any teacher training is new information-information not received in a typical yoga class or as in-depth. Our pacing is set so that there is enough time between each session in order for you to digest, process, and incorporate the material into your practice before the next session. The training is also progressive, what you learn in the current month will be more relevant in the following month and onwards.

Any Yoga Alliance approved program has the same requirements; 75 contact hours for Techniques, 15 contact hours for Teaching Methodology, 10 contact hours for Anatomy, 20 contact hours for Philosophy, and 5 contact hours for Practicum. (Contact hours are training hours given by and in the presence of an experienced yoga teacher). The remaining 55 contact hours are distributed among the educational categories according to the school’s emphasis. We have placed more emphasis on Techniques and Teaching Methodology and additional hours in Anatomy and Practicum in order to best prepare one to become a yoga teacher.

What skills will I have after I complete this training?
With successful completion, a graduate will possess all the skills to become an efficient and effective teacher.  He/She will have confidence in the ability to:
• know the different styles of Hatha Yoga, both on an intellectual level and through personal experience of practicing various styles 
• have a strong understanding of asana/yoga postures: their functions, benefits, contraindications, modifications, and purpose
• be familiar with different meditation and pranayama (breathing) techniques 
• sequence a class for several styles/types of Yoga classes 
 cue a class with thorough and clear verbal instruction 
• modify a class for pregnancy, prior injuries, and limitations 
• know how to read bodies 
• be proficient in applying hands-on and verbal adjustments of varying degrees of intensity and intention 
• have a foundation in yoga philosophy and how to integrate it with a physical practice.

Why it’s important to choose the right training structure?
Yoga is learned through patient practice, dedication, and experience. Knowledge is imparted directly from teacher to student. Large classes, high-profile seminars, yoga conferences, workshops with celebrity teachers, webinars, and distance learning are less-than-ideal formats for teacher training.

Beware of trainings that provide limited access to the trainers, those that condense many hours into a short time frame, ones that have heavy homework, online classes with less face-to-face instruction or a work-at-your-own-pace structure, and those that offer less than 200 contact training hours.

How do I know if I am ready?
If you have been studying yoga with a teacher for at least two years, we encourage you to apply. If you have less than 2 years of experience, contact Lynn (Director of Teacher Training) to discuss your eligibility. Keep in mind that your sincere desire to learn and explore is the most important factor.

I’m not interested in being a teacher. I just want to learn more about yoga. Can I apply?
Absolutely! This training will give you a depth of skill and knowledge without parallel. Many of these topics are not addressed in a typical yoga class or with as much detail. The training will give you a much better understanding of Yoga as a complete practice and this information will help grow your personal practice. Though you will practice and learn some teaching techniques during the course, yoga teaching need not be your ultimate goal in order for you to take full advantage of the training.

What is the difference between taking this program for personal development versus getting a certificate to teach yoga?
If your objective is to obtain a certificate of completion, you must complete all the assignments, pass the written final, take 48 Hatha Yoga classes at any facility of your choice, and spend at least 10 hours outside of the monthly training sessions to work on the practicum part of the program. This is where the trainee mentors with an experienced teacher and observes and assists in his/her classes. In addition, the trainee must teach 5 hours where the mentor will observe and provide feedback.

If you are taking this program for your personal practice, you do not have to complete the requirements listed above (although it is highly suggested that you complete the assignments as it deepens your understanding and experience of the teachings).

I can not do advanced yoga postures; can I still enroll in the Teacher Training Program?
Proficiency in these postures does not correlate to being an effective yoga instructor and is not important for teaching yoga.

I have a prior commitment and can not make a training session, can I make up the class?
Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend a training session, we do not offer a make up class, but will work with you individually to find a suitable way to ensure you receive and understand the information that was covered. If possible, we can change the dates of training if all participants agree on the revised date.

I can not make the whole tuition payment in full, does MBZ offer any payment schedules?
While the amount seems large when you look at it as one payment, it actually is quite reasonable and is one of the most affordable yoga teacher trainings in the Bay Area. If it is broken down to an hourly rate, the teacher training program actually costs less per hour than a drop-in class rate. As mentioned, the teacher training program offers much more than you would receive in a typical yoga class.

We offer a discounted rate (early bird) for those who pay in full and register early. For those who can not pay the tuition rate upfront, we offer a payment schedule of three $833 payments. If that payment schedule does not work for you, please contact us. We are happy to work out a payment schedule for you.

What qualities do you need to become a yoga teacher?
Being curious and enthusiastic about yoga is the first prerequisite. Qualities such as empathy, clarity, integrity, reliability, open-minded, determination and playfulness are hallmarks of a great teacher.

How will I go from where I am now to being a confident yoga teacher?
Our program is paced so you learn gradually in order to integrate the various practices and information. During our training sessions, we will break down and practice the elements of effective yoga teaching. By the time you complete the training, you will have the skills to teach a basic-level yoga class.

What is Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Alliance is the only nationally recognized organization that registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs that have complied with minimum educational standards established by the organization. Its mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. By completing this teacher training, one is eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). An RYT® designation enhances your credibility as a yoga professional. Yoga Alliance RYT® designations are trusted symbols of knowledge, training and experience for employers and students.


“This program gave me the tools as well as the confidence to begin teaching immediately after training. One of my greatest compliments came from a seasoned yoga student who commented that I seem to have a lot of experience teaching yoga. This compliment really made me realize how well MBZYTT prepared me to teach in my own unique way.” – Shannon

“Teacher training has completely changed my life. I watched myself transform more in the last ten months than I had in 20 years in the Western mental health care system. My eyes and mind have been opened to more than I could have hoped for and it’s given me a renewed zest for life.” –F.R.

“I highly value the wide range of knowledge this teacher training has given me. It has really helped me define my own style as a teacher and thereby feel confident facing classrooms full of students. To anyone looking to prepare yourself to teach, or even just deepen your practice, this is a great program!” – Marci

“Learn from a myriad of master Yoga teachers who share their wealth of knowledge and experience not found in books or journals.” – Shannon

“This training is beneficial to ANYONE who practices yoga, at any level. Enroll in this course if simply want to know more about yoga, deepen your practice or if you want to teach. I received valuable knowledge, inspiration and an unforgettable experience!” – Su

“Meeting one weekend/month provided a perfectly balanced pace; we could absorb lots of information during class time, and then have time to reflect on it, incorporate it into our lives and our yoga practice, and then be excited again when the next weekend of training approached. Retention of the material was easier this way, and there was no feeling of burn-out or being rushed. A great program!” – Julie

“I have taught yoga for many years, and this program has broadened my teaching skills enormously and greatly enhanced my personal practice.” – Julie

“Mind Body Zone’s teacher training allowed me to explore the abundant facets of yoga at a steady and practical pace. The support and insight I received created a learning experience that deepened my personal practice and thoroughly prepared me to pursue this profession. Of all the trainings that could have fallen into my lap, I’m eternally grateful this one did.” – Laura

“extremely organized, well thought out and exposes you to the whole spectrum of yoga knowledge. The things I learned just continue to unfold every day with new and deeper meaning in my life.” – Molly

“The post-training support has also been so amazing and extends beyond the 10 months of training. I always know I can contact any of the faculty if I have an idea or question.” – Carole

“As a busy mother of two, I often wanted to complete a yoga teacher training program but never had the time. That was until I discovered MBZTT. The one weekend a month meetings allow you time to absorb and apply the information while at the same time manage other aspects of your life. It was an opportunity to explore and deepen your knowledge of yoga and an opportunity to explore and deepen your knowledge of self.” – Kristian

“This training introduced me to the heart of yoga and changed not only my career path, but the path of my life.” – Audrey

“An insightful 200-hour journey leading to positivity & light, an amazing life.” – Denise

“Awesome teachers and insightful sessions! I am so glad I explored the many faces of yoga!” –Irma

“a highly recommended, well-rounded agenda providing coverage of all aspects of yoga and related teachings. An excellent opportunity for personal and spiritual growth as well as teaching potential” – Don

“…best learning experience by blending lecture, hands-on, self-practice, instructor critiques, and lots of optional reading and practice opportunities.” – Caron

“A wonderful experience. The training is professional and the teachers have developed a lovely sense of community in our class.” – Kate

“Lynn is one of the most effective and down-to-earth teachers I have encountered.” – Jill

“The pace of the program gave us plenty of time to review important concepts and let them sink in. The mentorship and practicum portion further helped to solidify and confidently put all that we had learned into practice.”– Sweta

To Apply

To apply, please fill out this application and mail it to Mind Body Zone.

For a printable version of this program, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in MBZ’s Teacher Training and Yoga Studies Program

1. Improve your understanding of Yoga Asana (postures).  
2. Explore the other 7 limbs of yoga, beyond the physical practice, that can be implemented into your daily life.  
3. Get to know yourself better through observation, inquiry, mindfulness, meditation, and experimentation.
4. Challenge yourself and open your eyes to new possibilities and realities.
5. Engage in a shared group experience and develop a new community and network of people.
6. Transform mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  This program will change your life.
7. Pledge to invest in your own well-being.
8. Add meaning to your life’s work and make an impact on those around you.
9. Open the door to a satisfying, potentially new, career as a yoga instructor.
10. Have fun!