Build a strong core. Slim your waistline. Improve your posture. Achieve a toned youthful body.

Allow our Pilates transformational fitness experience to work from the inside out where the challenges and results never stop.

When it comes to expert instruction, MBZ is one step beyond the cutting edge.

Is the world of Pilates new to you and perhaps even a little intimidating? Everyone is shy at first. Please let us introduce you to the power and grace of Pilates in a very safe and nurturing environment. Pilates really is for everyone.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a challenging, yet gentle, exercise system that transforms the way your body looks and feels by focusing on strengthening and stretching muscles utilizing resistance. It is excellent for developing a strong “core” as well as a uniformly conditioned body. The technique was founded by Joseph H. Pilates who had a life-long interest in body-conditioning as a result of suffering from rickets and asthma during his youth in Germany.

He was interned and became a nurse in his 30s during WWI in England and designed exercise apparatus by attaching springs to patients’ hospital beds that enabled the wounded to recover from their injuries. He opened his first Pilates Studio in New York City in 1926 and had famous clients such as Martha Graham’s Modern Dance Company and George Ballencine and the New York City Ballet.

Joseph H. Pilates’ routine of “Contrology” is a system to awaken one’s muscles to improve function of the entire body, both mentally and physically.

Pilates is not just for the size zero, Hollywood actresses. Joe Pilates developed this program is for everyone regardless of age, stage, shape or fitness level. Come join us in a welcoming environment where our joy is in helping you become more aware of your physical power.

The benefits of Pilates are limitless:

  • An increase in strength, agility, flexibility, range of motion and balance
  • Body conditioning, toning and sculpting without the muscular bulk
  • Slimming the waistline and losing excess weight
  • Alleviating physical discomfort and pain
  • A keen sense of body awareness
  • A lean, sleek and toned body


Reformer classes Reformer classes uses springs and ropes on a moving carriage to provide assistance and resistance while either standing, sitting, lying down, or kneeling. If practiced routinely, Pilates on the Reformer dramatically transforms the way your body performs, looks and feels without building excess bulk. When you train with the experts at MBZ the challenges –and results—never stop.

Mat classes Celebrities in all areas have turned to pilates for body sculpting, core strength and the profoundly positive effects it has on their minds as well as their bodies. Come and experience our mats classes where our expert instructors will guide you through the repertoire and establish the fundamentals of the system. Pilates exercises work to stretch and tone, resulting in better posture and a leaner body. No matter what your age or condition, it helps you feel and look your best.

Personal training (55 minutes) on all different types of Balanced Body Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, and Trap Table are a great way to assist or challenge our clients. Our trainers assist you in assessing your goals and help you increase your range of motion and flexibility, correct misalignments, and improve your strength. MindBodyZone’s Pilates studio offers privates, semi-privates, and reformer classes.

Privates provide you with the one-on-one attention you need. Our trainers gear your sessions based on your individual goals and needs. You can schedule privates on-line or by calling 510-252-1193.

Semi-privates are a cost effective way to get a tailored workout. One trainer guides 2 to 3 participants through a variety of exercises and stretches geared toward their common ability level. Gather a couple friends together or let us know your availability and we’ll locate a partner. You can schedule privates by calling 510-252-1193.


Level 1 classes provide a safe environment for students to practice the correct form of the material as well as develop body awareness and proper body alignment while sequencing breath with movement. Prerequisite: there are no prerequisites for mat classes. You are required to have a minimum of 1 private session prior to a reformer class.

Level 1/2 classes focus on precision, control, concentration and how to move from your center. The movements introduces in level one are further emphasized and are presented with more variations. Prerequisite: a full knowledge and understanding of level 1 methods and a completion of a level one class.

Level 2 classes emphasize strength, stamina and mindfulness. Intermediate to advanced students with a solid foundation will deepen their practice with flowing movements at a faster tempo. Prerequisite: a full knowledge and understanding fo level 1/2 methods and a completion of a level 1/2 class.

Cancellations You will be charged for cancellations or rescheduling made less than 24 hours before your scheduled reformer class, private or semi-private. Running late, your instructor will wait for one half hour of the scheduled appointment. After this period, the instructor is free from obligation and you will be charged the full amount of the scheduled appointment.